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Sunday Service     I     12:30 pm

Sunday Worship.

12:30 pm

3021 Blume Drive Rossmoor, CA 90720

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Youth & EM

2:00 pm

3021 Blume Drive Rossmoor, CA 90720


3021 Blume Drive Rossmoor, CA 90720

12:30 pm

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Woman with Bible


8:00 pm

10533 Progress Way Unit A, B, C, Cypress, CA 90630

About Us

우리의 첫번째 사명, '예배' 입니다

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Our Vision 

Our vision is Isaiah 61,

Luke 3, and Matthew 28.  

​We confess our vision

not just with our lips,

but with our hands and feet.

​With this hope in mind,

we pray and wait eagerly.

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What We Do

We believe that our

very existence means,

"Love" to both God and to each other.

We believe that our "calling" is

a shining light unto God's people. 

We become Jesus' disciples with

His love, and with His calling,

we will make disciples.

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Our Community 

We are not alone, but we have each other.​ Because we are together,

we are more complete. ​ Because we are together, we have more laughter. 

We will look toward heaven, not an earthly ground,  bearing fruits instead of

being a flower.​ That's why we are more pure as a community and will get stronger as the days go by. 

Our Team

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